VWA H2CAP Plus is the smallest, lightest, strongest and smartest portable hydrogen water generator. This unique hydrogen water maker is equipped with artificial intelligence and 9-layer of platinum plates for the best electrolysis efficiency. VWA H2CAPlus converts any bottled water (including pure water) into stable and rich hydrogen water above 1,000,000ppt. Best of all, thanks to the special PEM technology, this smart gadget produce no ozone and other toxic by products; thus the dissolved molecular hydrogen (h2) can be retained exceptionally longer!

Hydrogen-rich water offers remarkable health benefits over 200 kinds of human diseases. This is because molecular hydrogen is 88 times smaller than vitamin C. Due to its tiniest size, it can cross blood-brain-barrier, effectively remove toxic ROS (free radicals), repair cell genes, eliminate inflammation, prevent cell mutation (anti-cancer), anti-aging, diseases prevention and treatment and promote overall wellness and beauty benefits.