VWA H2CAP PLUS (hydrogen water maker)

Experience the REAL pure hydrogen water maker-rich water.

The most portable hydrogen water maker with HIGH-END technology and the BEST innovative design.

Compact In Size & Design

VWA H2CAP Plus offers great convenience as it is so handy with its compact size.

Design  – You can use it anytime & anywhere & on any type of bottled water ( no restriction even for pure water)

Simple & Easy to use

VWA H2CAP Plus  can be used virtually on any standard bottled water in the market.

Grab a bottled water and enjoy hydrogen water maker-rich water on the go.

Anytime, Anywhere

USB power supply
VWA H2CAP Plus can be used on any IT gadgets such as handphone, power bank, laptop & etc.


VWA H2CAP Plus is the best companion with your IT gadgets.  Don’t leave home without it.

Non-Toxic Materials Used

Made with NON-Toxic materials only

Rest assure that the materials used are safe for consumption.

Powerful Performance

Richest & the most stable/ long-lasting dissolved hydrogen.

Dissolved hydrogen can be retained exceptionally longer.

3 Minutes  30  Seconds   ≥  1000 ppb

Produces richest dissolved hydrogen within the shortest time.

All drinking water has 0 ppb dissolved hydrogen.ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

ㅤㅤORP : -800 mV

ㅤㅤOxidation Reduction Potential goes up to -800mV.
ㅤㅤORP is the  potential to reduce oxidation.
ㅤㅤThe bigger the number of negative ORP, the better reduction capability it has.

PPB Changes Overtime Chart

Incomparable TECHNOLOGY

User Friendly Functions

HYDROGEN bubbles
You can actually SEE hydrogen generated from VWA H2CAP Plus.

LED light
When the power is on, the LED light turns on automatically.

Orange LED blinks when the  titanium/platinum plates and membrane need to be cleaned. Auto-detect by the AI (Artificial Intelligence) program.



AI(Artificial Intelligence) Cleansing Alarm


VWA H2CAP Plus  is equipped with AI to self-monitor the electrolysis efficiency. When the cap detects if the hydrogen concentration is less than 1000ppb, the orange LED will blink.            This indicates the need to use the provided descaler for cleaning.


Over 1,000 PPB anytime, anywhere

With the efficient digital system and special power supply system,
VWA H2CAP Plus periodically checks the condition of water quality, membrane and plates.
It helps VWA H2CAP  Plus consistently produce more than 1000ppb dissolved hydrogen everytime in use.


Product Durability

With AI cleansing alarm & self-monitor system based on our incomparable technology,
you can maintain the best quality of VWA H2CAP Plus for years.  ( To last 4 years if 5 times’ usage per day)

How to Use

Connect VWA H2CAP Plus to the bottle neck of any bottled water.  You may use standard bottle neck of 30mm.   Turn the bottled water upside down once connected to VWA H2CAP Plus.

(Please do not exert pressure by pressing the bottle during the time of electrolysis)


Connect the mini terminal of the USB cable to VWA H2CAP Plus cable plug.
Connect the other side of USB cable with the power supply.

(PC, Smartphone and etc.)


Once the power is supplied, VWA H2CAP Plus starts to generate Hydrogen automatically.

It turns off automatically once completed.  Disconnect the cable, and enjoy the amazing benefits brought by hydrogen-rich water.


Detail Specifications (hydrogen water maker)