Test Kit

DH Test Reagent

Test the DH level of your hydrogen water!

DH is a measurement for the amount of Dissolved Hydrogen molecules in water.
We use PPB(Parts Per Billion) as a figure of DH level, and it starts from 0.
0 means that here is no hydrogen in the water. If it goes up to 1,000 PPB, it means there are 1mg of hydrogen in 1kg water.
Generally, we call it “Hydrogen-rich water”  if DH level goes more than 1,000 PPB. As you can see below, Hydrogen-rich water works as a powerful antioxidants in our body.


Easy to Use

Customers can test the DH level of hydrogen water without the use of expensive hydrogen meter.
Each package is equipped with a tube of DH reagent. Use it to see the dissolved hydrogen in your drinking water.
Accuracy of the DH reagent in the market is relatively low.


This is because once the lid is open, oxidation will change the chemical composition.


TEST KIT   provided in VWA H2CAP Plus is of the best quality to deliver the best accuracy.



With specially made VWA H2CAP Plus DH reagent, it is highly stable and hence, it will not be affected by storage condition easily.


①  Fill the ‘charged’ water into a beaker up to 6cc.

② Open the DH Test Kit and put 7-8 drops into the water

③ Check if the color of the water changes,  increase the number of drops of the reagent, and observe if the color of the water changes.

④ If the color of the water changes into blue at 11th drops, it shows the DH level is 1,000 PPB.ㅤIf it changes into blue  after  12th drops,  the DH level is 1,100 PPB.

For detail instruction, please see the VOD below.

VOD Instruction