Experience the REAL pure portable hydrogen water generator-rich water. 

The most portable hydrogen water generator with HIGH-END technology and the BEST innovative design.

Compact In Size & Design

VWA H2CAP Plus offers great convenience as it is so handy with its compact size.

Design  – You can use it anytime & anywhere & on any type of bottled water

( no restriction even for pure water)

Simple & Easy to use

VWA H2CAP Plus can be used virtually on any standard bottled water in the market.

Grab a bottled water and enjoy hydrogen-rich water on the go.


Anytime, Anywhere

USB power supply
VWA H2CAP Plus can be used on any IT gadgets such as handphone, power bank, laptop & etc.


VWA H2CAP Plus is the best companion with your IT gadgets.  Don’t leave home without it.


Non-Toxic Materials Used

Made with NON-Toxic materials only

Rest assure that the materials used are safe for consumption.


Powerful Performance

Richest & the most stable/ long-lasting dissolved hydrogen.

Dissolved hydrogen can be retained exceptionally longer.

3 Minutes  30  Seconds   ≥  1000 ppb

Produces richest dissolved hydrogen within the shortest time.

All drinking water has 0 ppb dissolved hydrogen.

ㅤㅤ                                                 ORP : -800 mV

ㅤㅤ                                     Oxidation Reduction Potential goes up to -800mV.
ㅤㅤ                                     ORP is the  potential to reduce oxidation.
ㅤ                                     ㅤThe bigger the number of negative ORP, the better reduction capability it has.


Incomparable TECHNOLOGY

User Friendly Functions




How to Use


Detail Specifications

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